A bit late, I know…

It’s not that I’ve been putting off blogging about 2012, it’s just that I honestly couldn’t begin to fathom it. The year was unbelievable for me, in an amazing and overwhelming way. I learnt more last year than I have since I started the business. I realised more than ever that this is not just want I want to do for a ‘job’ (not that the word ‘job’ really fits), but that I really do love it. I mean LOVE it. I love meeting all you lovely lot, getting to know my couples, having a fab time on the day and grinning when I think back.

Last year also threw challenges at me like never before, but I faced them all head on and lived to tell the tale with a smile on my face and a happy outcome. I met and spent time with some of the most kind, in love, generous and brilliant couples and I’m truly honoured to have been invited along to record their days.

My new challenge for last year was to do more family shoots as well, something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Somehow the weather was on my side for every shoot that I booked, so I took advantage of lovely Portobello beach for the most part and had great fun in the process!

2013 has already begun for me and will, I’m sure, continue to be amazing. But for now I just want to thank all these lovely people for making my 2012 what it was – incredible.

Thank you xx

Of course, the final word has to be of Mr O. This year has been busy beyond belief and he’s held me up through it all – bringing me coffee at 6.30am when all I could do was edit; making me exercise when I didn’t think there was time but knew I had to; pencilling in hours off for cinema trips, date nights and feet up days; travelling with me long distances just so I wouldn’t be on my own, even though he had a pile of marking to do… He knows how much he means to me because I tell him all the time! But there’s no harm in an extra thank you :) So thank you for being you, and for making us xxx

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All those lovely couples, and the one that made me tear up most was you and Mr O :)

That’s beautiful Jen, got a wee tear in my eye! Xxx

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