Better late than never! Scary that we’re a week into February already, but hopefully not too late to do a quick look back over my 2013.

Last year was special to me for one massive, obvious reason. These guys:

Newburgh walk and stars_January 2014-2

But I can’t really think about the pregnancy or everything that’s happened since Seb arrived without thinking about all the amazing people I met and places I visited last year. The weddings I shot were all so individual, special, fun and memorable. The fact I did almost all of them with an ever-growing bump only added to the experience! So many of the following days I’m still to blog so watch this space! I’ll try and get them all done before my 2014 season kicks off in April…

So many fab days, it’s been quite emotional looking back over them all to bring this blog post together :) A big thank you to my friends Zoe Campbell, Lindsey Parker, Nikki Leadbetter, Mareike Murray, Julie TintonDenise Noone, Louise Douglas and Kirsten Hunter for second shooting with me last year and looking after me and the bump!

Here’s to an exciting 2014!

Jen x

Selina & Matthew Wedding 547Allan & Sarah-Jane Wedding-347Bethan & Anthony sneak peek-6Debbi & Donnie sneak peekEmma & Bryan sneak peek-3Fabien & Camille sneak peek-1Fiona & Tom Sneak Peek!-3Fiona & Tom Sneak Peek!-9Jennie & Matt sneak peek-9Jennie & Matt sneak peek-14Jess & Si sneak peek-1Julie & Brian sneak peek-2Kathrin & Tom Sneak peek-6Kathrin & Tom Sneak peek-7Lynsey & Ian Sneak peek-4Lynsey & Steven sneak peek-1Lynsey & Steven sneak peek-3Mel & Mike sneak peek-13Mel & Mike sneak peek-18Melissa & Greig sneak peek emailable-7Ruth & Jamie Engagement-70Sarah & Brian Engagement-16Sarah & Brian Engagement-70Sarah & Darren sneak peekSarah Jane & Iain Sneak peek #2-5Sarah Jane & Iain Sneak peek-3Selina & Matthew sneak peek-1Shelley & Martin sneak peek-4Shelley & Martin sneak peek-5Stacey & Matthew sneak peek email-8Stephanie & Gary Sneak Peek!-1Stephanie & Gary Sneak Peek!-4Vicky & Chris sneak peek-6Zoe & Coops sneak peek-7Zoe & Coops sneak peek-12

As ever, the last word has to go to Mr O. I thought he was amazing in 2012 – his motivation and encouragement endless. But with bump and then Seb, it turns out his support is undoubtably the reason last year was as wonderful as it was. Thank you xx

Newburgh walk and stars_January 2014-26

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So many gorgeous images Jen! You talented girl you! Especially that wee cutie at the end! X

A lovely set of images, roll on 2014!

ahh Jen <3 these are GORGEOUS! I've such a soft spot for wee Seb too x

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