“And now,” cried Max, “let the wild rumpus start!” – Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

Mum Angharad dropped me a line a wee while ago to see if I’d visit her and her beautiful family at home for a few photos. Angharad and I met back in my craft fair days, when I first saw the amazing talent she has with a needle and thread. That talent knows no bounds, it would seem, when the most amazing costumes were brought out for the shoot – designed with Maurice Sendak’s characters in mind and made with such love and detail by Angharad, it was so much fun to see Stanley and Martha don the outfits and become Max and friend. A childhood favourite and one we’ve already got on the bookshelf for Seb, I was loving it! And of course Dad James couldn’t resist the opportunity to get in on the dressing up as well!

A walk in the nearby fields and by their local stream were the perfect setting for their family photos. Here’s a sneak peek…

Jeffersons 1Jeffersons 2Jeffersons 3Jeffersons 5Jeffersons 6Jeffersons 8Jeffersons 9Jeffersons 10Jeffersons 11

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