george hotel wedding

Not sure where to begin with this… At the end of January Ruth & Craig tied the knot. But not just that, far from it. For me, I was excited going into the day for two reasons – the first was because their story was so unique and packed full of love that, having got to know them, I knew it would be wonderful to see them get married. Secondly – it was my 100th wedding! But then, Craig stepped everything up a level. And I mean, everything…

He had written to a ton of Ruth’s favourite celebrities explaining their story and most of them wrote back. A signed photo here, a letter there. And these were big names too – people like Judi Dench, Ian McKellen, Chris Bonnington, Stephen Fry, to name but a few. But a handful went a step further and sent video messages, which Craig put into a slideshow to surprise Ruth with at the reception. It was wonderful. Not only was Ruth blown away by Craig’s efforts and the romanic gesture, but all of their friends and family wooped and cheered as the messages of congratulations just kept on coming (Sir Barristan Selmy!!).

Then yesterday Craig called me to say the press were insterested in the story, and here we are – it was featured in print in The Scottish Sun (see below) today and I’ve just heard it’s also popping up elsewhere.

Congratulations lovely, lovely Ruth & Craig xx

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And here is Craig’s amazing slideshow:

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