David & Kirsty get married tomorrow! Woop! Towards the end of winter, we met up in Portobello for their engagement session. Here’s a few of my favourites…

Portobello Edinburgh wedding-1Portobello Edinburgh wedding-2Portobello Edinburgh wedding-3Portobello Edinburgh wedding-4Portobello Edinburgh wedding-5Portobello Edinburgh wedding-6Portobello Edinburgh wedding-7Portobello Edinburgh wedding-8Portobello Edinburgh wedding-9Portobello Edinburgh wedding-10Portobello Edinburgh wedding-11Portobello Edinburgh wedding-12Portobello Edinburgh wedding-13Portobello Edinburgh wedding-14Portobello Edinburgh wedding-15Portobello Edinburgh wedding-16Portobello Edinburgh wedding-17Portobello Edinburgh wedding-18Portobello Edinburgh wedding-19Portobello Edinburgh wedding-20Portobello Edinburgh wedding-21Portobello Edinburgh wedding-22Portobello Edinburgh wedding-23Portobello Edinburgh wedding-24Portobello Edinburgh wedding-25Portobello Edinburgh wedding-26Portobello Edinburgh wedding-27


These photographs are beautiful and capture the true essencessence of Kirsty and David’s love for each other

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