2018. I’m not really sure where to start…

Back in March at Aimee & Mark‘s beautiful wedding up in Aberdeenshire, perhaps? I can still feel the cold! And yet they braved it for me: legends… Helen & Mark and getting to visit the amazing Cow Shed in Crail for the first time. I will always love Helen for walking bare foot on the beach… Then back again to the Cow Shed at the end of April for Frankie & Jane. The memory of Frankie’s sparkler-tunnel organisational skills still astound me… Gael & Greg – best friends and madly in love. The joy during the ceremony as everyone sang ‘When I’m 64’ was magical… Erin & Murray and THAT sunset. We waited and waited and boom! We got it… Aisling & Kenny and smiles for miles, confetti everywhere and trusting me when I said “I know these lovely garage doors”… Julie & Sean in the most beautiful setting, watched over by Dave Grohl himself (yeah, yeah, I know it, was a cardboard cutout…)… Iona & Mark and the most glorious blue skies ever! Plus the greatest dancefloor I’ve ever witnessed… Brodie & Bryony, when we lucked out with that field of corn, but also that you were happy to trek on through it! You’re the best… Emma & Murray and your wonderful girls, the most happiest of days… Emma & Marko – I got to go on a BOAT! Amazing. And all of it – epic scenes… Sophie & Dave – that the field I’d been stalking for weeks kept safe from harvest will always make me happy…. Justine & Shaun having the ceremony the way you’d always dreamed of no matter what. It was totally worth it and it was stunning… Susan & Chris I loved getting to be at Colstoun for the first time and falling in love with it! You guys rock and I’ll always remember you shouting after me in the dark to say “wanna take some more photos?” Yes please!… Lou & Andy and your gorgeous boys, your incredible festival wedding on my favourite beach in the world. And of course the glitter… Amber & Ollie, there will never be a wedding like yours again! Completely unique, personal, beautiful and wonderful… Megan & Ross, from start to finish it was incredible and to be honset I just want to do it all again… Emma & Craig bringing all the music and personalised beer to a magic day… Jess & Ian and possibly the most colourful day ever. The traditions were amazing and getting the chance to learn about them while shooting was a dream… Dale & Mark and the best laughs and the greatest people – just amazing… Morven & Andy admiring sunsets and having all the fun with sparklers… and finally – Hazel & Alasdair: beautiful, butt jokes and love. What a wedding.

Thank you all for welcoming me into your days, it really was quite a year.

I have to shout out a few venues as well. The last few years I’ve been lucky enough to shoot at Wedderburn Castle and Barns a fair bit and in 2018 I had the pleasure of being there three times. Every day there is unique, I love it. It never disappoints, such a magical place. There were also quite a few places last year that I shot at for the first time and they were all venues I’d been desperate to visit! I can’t rave enough about Harvest Moon in Dunbar, Colstoun in Haddington and the Cow Shed, Crail.

I’m so excited for 2019 and I can’t wait to get started… Jen x

I hung out with lovely families this year too – braving rain and wind on beaches and in forests, we still made it work. Running around playing lots of hide and seek is surely one of the greatest ways to spend a few hours.

And of course a gushy big chunk of love for my boys. So much has happend in 2018 – our first full year in Dunbar, Seb started school, Jack started walking. Lack of sleep hasn’t registered too much thanks to big smiles and laughter. All the silliness xxx (Thank you Mack Photo for the picture)


Bloody marvellous photos Jen! Can’t wait to work with you again this year :) 

Oh I love this Jen!!! What a brilliant year and lets get another Dunbar weekends arranged! x

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