Concept Photoshop Project ~ Back in February the classical music group, the Dunedin Consort, got in touch about creating a series of images for their new season brochure. Over three shoot sessions with the musicians and many fun hours tinkering in Photoshop, these are the final concepts that made it into the brochure – which launched last night!

Jo Buckley, CEO of the Dunedin Consort asked me to create images of their principle players at landmarks around Scotland but with a fantastical twist. Huge credit to the players who turned up at the Meadows to have their photo taken and found themsleves posing in alsorts of different ways!

We’ve covered lots of landmarks, from Edinburgh’s Salisbury Crags and Forth Rail Bridge to the Isles of Mull, Staffa and Lewis and even up to Aberdeen lighthouse. Great fun putting these concept images together in photoshop from stock images found on iStock by Getty Images and Alamy.

The Dunedin Consort have an incredible year of music ahead – go check out their listings, you won’t be sorry!


Sarah Bevan-Baker, Calton Hill

sarah bevan-baker holds her violin as it floats up like a ballon at calton hill, edinburgh. A photoshop concept image.

Graham O’Sullivan, flute // Isle of Staffa

graham o'sullivan plays his flute stood in a boat in front of the isle of staffa. A photoshop concept image.Stephen Farr, harpsichord // Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull

Stephen Farr plays his harpsichord which is sat in the sea at Calgary Bay, Isle of Mull, Scotland. A photoshop concept image.Huw Daniel, violin // Aberdeen lighthouse

Huw Daniel plays his violin in front of Aberdeen lighthouse with waves crashing around. A photoshop concept image.

Katy Bircher, flute // Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh

Katy Bircher plays her violin sat on Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh. A photoshop concept image.Alex Bellamy & Frances Norbury, oboes   // Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis

Alex Bellamy and Frances Norbury play their oboes at Callanish Stones, Isle of Lewis. A photoshop concept image.

Jonathan Manson, cello // Forth Rail Bridge

Jonathan Manson is swept up by the wind with his cello and music at the Forth Rail Bridge, Edinburgh. A photoshop concept image.Bill Hunt, double bass // Ben Lawers

Bill Hunt sits at the top of Ben Lawers with his double bass. A photoshop concept image.

Nick Mulroy, singer // Glasgow UniversityNick Mulroy at Glasgow University cloisters. A photoshop concept image.

After having a good run with my ongoing series based on the A~Z Rosie Hardy Challenge concept photography project it was great to put my photoshop skills to more use for the Dunedin Consort’s classical musicians. Loving getting to do more concept projects!

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