2019… Well. Where to start?

In previous years I’ve always tried to limit myself a bit to how many photos from each wedding go into the roundup. But this year, given everything we’ve all been through and are still very much going through in 2020, I couldn’t face being strict. So I’ve packed in all the moments I want to you see. The emotion, laughter (there was a lot of laughter), happiness, joy, smiles, dancing (lots of dancing, too!)…

My couples last year were awesome. I know I say this every year, but they really were. Every single wedding has stuck in my mind with a big grin and countless memories. Thank you, all, for having me. It was a compelte pleasure to be part of your day.

Here it is, enjoy:

*There are some speedy bits in here! So if you’re not to sure about flashing images scroll on down to see them all posted below*


My Photoshopping also took a step up this year! Lots more about all this to come, including portrait and family shoots available for you to get involved with. In the meantime, I’m posting new work on Instagram at @jenowens.edits Here are some highlights:

The last word as ever goes to my boys… They’re a bunch of characters, the three of them. They never cease to make me smile <3 They also don’t get too annoyed when I photoshop them lots! To them, thank you thank you thank you xxx

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