I don’t mean to sound all smug or brag too much about this, but feeling very chuffed not only to have been invited along to see the beautiful new Pavilion at Dunglass Estate to take some photos last week (along with the following awesome suppliers), but that I live so close to it!

Dunglass has long been a very firm favourite venue of mine anyway, but they have seriously upped the ante with their new Pavilion. The light! The colours, the atmosphere, the setting – just completely beautiful. I can’t wait to be back there for weddings and I will enjoy my 12 minute door-to-door drive there…

These brilliant folk were involved with creating all the lovely to take photos of:

Jo’s Kitchen
Lottie Longman Florist
Poppy Floral Design
Platter and Pop
A Cherry on Top
Glass Bulldog
The Edinburgh Catering Company
Love Photos Wedding & Film


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