About Me

I grew up in Buxton, Derbyshire, in the heart of hill-walking, rock-climbing, spa water-drinking, fresh-air countryside. A camera always in-hand, I seemed to be the ‘picture-taker’ wherever I went. I always get excited (that little leap in the pit of my stomach) when I think I’ve snapped something special…

From landlocked Buxton, to my current home of seaside Dunbar – I now start my mornings looking at becalming water and swimmers in the shallow break (braver than me!) and I can’t get enough of the sea-air.

Our natural surroundings inspire my photography. You won’t find me in a studio, instead I’ll be shooting couples on their wedding day, in their chosen venue, in places they’ll remember forever. Or out and about on engagement and family shoots, in the places where you fell in love, enjoyed visiting, always wanted to visit, or even where you got engaged…

My photography is taking me further and further afield. Whilst most commissions are in Scotland, I have an uncontrollable love of travelling and if I go, my camera goes! No matter where you may be based, get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.

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